I’m still searching for what holds me so close to this album. Is it the sound itself that spreads out in 3 dimensions where each actor exists within his own sphere, drawing a sonic choreography set in a free and vast landscape. Starting from a path located in the depths of the album. I’m still in the process of finding out what I’m talking about.. Do I talk about that quiet voice, filled with an ancestral culture that I can’t comprehend and yet that I understand. That voice that catches me when I wander too far away in this landscape. Or am I talking about this scenery, that always takes me further if I let myself dive into its details. Am I talking about technical skills, design or feelings? Can you remember a time when you lost sight of what you’re focusing on, as the whole is so homogeneous and the balance between technical skills and emotions is just perfect?

FEAN II is the following of the first opus released on Moving Furniture Records in 2018, from some materials of the improvisatory collective FEAN based around Jan Kleefstra (voice, poems), Romke Kleefstra (guitar, bass and effects), Mariska Baars (vocals) and Rutger Zuydervelt ( Machinefabriek – electronics) from Netherlands, joined by the Belgian musicians Annelies Monseré (church organ, keyboard), Sylvain Chauveau (tuned percussion, radio) and Joachim Badenhorst (acoustic and amplified clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone). Like The Alvaret Ensemble, this project is the result of some improvisations in a Church. But at not the same place.

The FEAN project gets its inspiration from the ecological decay of peatland in the Dutch province Friesland and in other parts of Europe. Agriculture and peat extraction are threatening the landscape severely and with long term consequences. This forms the underlying thought for the improvised recording sessions, which were overseen by Jan Switters. Although the Piiptsjilling members are obviously used to perform and record together, adding the three Belgian guests (who didn’t play together before) added an extra dimension to the group’s dynamics, resulting in a concentrated yet playful series of improvisations, that were later mixed and edited for the project.

For laaps Records, that’s was an obvious choice to continue the exquisite corpse project with FEAN and a part of the same members than the first release, just before to move to the Spring season and some news bridges, colors and sounds imprints to come.

The album is available via Machinefabriek (only digital) or via Laaps records

Artwork by Jürgen Heckel
Mastered by Lawrence English
Design by Sprflxgrfzm