We already introduced British producer and engineer Matt Karmil. Two years after Will, he announced the release of a new album. STS371 is out on March 27th via Smalltown Supersound. According to the press release, it is the Karmil’s most concise album to date, with his signature mix of minimalism and reverb-drenched house still being the backbone of his warm, rich, atmospheric and melancholic sound. It was made largely while Karmil was traveling in a nonlinear process of recording.  Anticipating the completion of his music studio in The Cotswolds in England, Karmil favored “on the fly” production methods to finish his album.

210” is the first excerpt. “210 is named after a hotel room in Amsterdam,” says Karmil, “although not one I’ve ever stayed in. I like the way the chord hangs in the air and it’s, to me at least, somehow both intimate and urgent.

Listen below.