Porridge Radio are a Brighton-based band which include Dana Margolin, Georgie Stott, Maddie Ryall, Sam Yardley. Four years their debut album Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers, they recently released a new album titled Every Bad, out via Secretly Canadian. According to the press release, it is a culmination of what has been in their head for some time; the record they have been waiting for the means to record. Listen below.

It arrives full of grand, sweeping ambition – with vocals so urgent that it often feels like it is moved by compulsion rather than choice, with all the rawness of early Karen O, and influences as disparate as Charli XCX and The Cranberries.

Speaking the emotional drive behind the record, Margolin explained “A lot of it was figuring out how I want to exist in relation to others, and how to process my own feelings, how to be vulnerable, how to show people how I feel. I struggle with being vulnerable and being open, so that’s something I do through songs.”