Moonlogue are an Italian, Turin-based band which include Lorenzo Riccardino, Mattia Calcatelli (both members of Gloom), Federico Mao (Karin And The Ugly Barnacles) and Edoardo Campo. The project was born from the need to explore new ways to give the shape to the sound, beyond the standards of the song-form.

Their music is inspired by suggestions that came from astronomy and by artists as Battles, Calibro 35, Darkside, Mogwai and Public Service Broadcasting. The energy of the acoustic instruments meet the intensity and the elegance of the electronic lines. Sail Under Nadìr is their first album which will be out in 2020.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Estéban” which will be released on March 26th. Listen below and check our talk with them.


I want to start from the current situation. How are you living this situation as human beings? And what are your concerns as musicians?

Undoubtedly, this is not an easy situation to deal with. We are living close to our families and we’re supporting each other to the best of our ability staying at home and through donations to our national health service and to local hospitals. Our thoughts go to those people who are working full-day in order to help anyone afflicted by COVID-19, to the public authorities and to the ill people of course.

As musicians, we hope to be able to play live gigs very soon again. Nonetheless, these days are useful for us to focus on our music and to better understand the bounds which bind us to it. This process of self-understanding is also giving us the opportunity to continue to write new music. We just have to deal with different ways of communication between us, but thanks to the means at our disposal, it’s still possible. At the moment, we’re using our laptops to record our instrument parts individually and then we put them together giving a structure to ideas and riffs. It’s a longer process, but it helps us to keep our music going on.

Estéban is your first track. Tell us more about it.

Our single Estéban isn’t only our first release, but it’s also the first song we wrote together. It’s the song which made us better know each other from a musical perspective, it’s been the beginning of the path we chose to follow. We composed it trying to include all our different tastes and influences. Estéban means to us the starting point of a journey, it’s a blast-off.

We named this song after a fictitious guy called Estéban who has a very strong curiosity. The very same curiosity which makes him venture to get involved in life, looking for an unknown future with different prospects, maybe brighter.

Are you working on your first full-length, right? How is evolving the creative process of this album? What is usually your starting point to make and create music?

Usually, we write our songs developing different ideas which come from the single elements of the band. These ideas can be either a melody, a specific sound or a groove. Once we’ve built the right atmosphere, we change it step by step until we think to have reached a good balance between music and emotions. That’s because we’re not tied to the limits of a single music genre, but we rather try to follow various imaginaries and suggestions.
Sail Under Nadìr unfolds itself into eleven tracks which represent a common grow path built through a year of composition and work on our sound. It’s a journey which explores sci-fi and arcade scenarios with a glance at the future.

You are from Turin. How your born city affected your way to think music and how is the situation of the local music scene from your point of view?

We all had different music experience, but we can definitely say that Turin has always had a vivid underground music scene. It’s plenty of interesting and young bands with various musical proposals. This environment has been surrounding us since we were kids and this has affected our experience as well. We’ve been used to get in touch to the international music scene thanks to festivals as such as “Traffic”, “Jazz is Dead!”, “Todays Festival” and “Apolide Festival”. They are just a couple of examples of course, Turin has a lot of different festivals during the year covering all the areas of art.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

Surely some of the records we appreciated the most are “Juice B Crypts” by Battles and “Proper Music” by MADMADMAD, both released in 2019. Also, the last albums of Tame Impala, black midi, The Comet Is Coming and Mac DeMarco cannot be missing in our favorites list.

Moreover, we would like to make one thing clear. All of us is used to listen to a very wide selection of records and genres, but this doesn’t mean that all of them can be considered as a source of inspiration for our music. For instance, it’s difficult to find in our songs something strictly related to the sound of Tame Impala or to the music of Mac DeMarco. Both new and old releases inspire our music, from the most pop and mainstream to the most underground bands. Nonetheless, we’re always curious by the new releases, eager to learn and to listen to new material.