We introduced different times German talented composer, songwriter and producer Josin. She’s been the first guest of our 10th Birthday Live Series. with two great live performances in Terlizzi and Rome. Last yearshe released her debut full-length In The Blank Space which is out via Dumont Dumont.

She recently shared a new version of the track “In the Blank Space” which was recorded live at Beethoven Hall in New York, like the previous single “Evaporation“. It will be included on a very special vinyl on record store day. Tited FLOW, this compilation will be released by Mercury KX.

The words which she shared on her facebook page: “getting through to you with this live version of ‚in the blank space‘. so humbled to share what i thought would never leave the wooden walls of beethoven hall in NY, where we spontaneously recorded this. forever thankful and sending out my raw senses & love“.