Ratgrave is the project of Berlin based duo comprised of Max Graef and Julius Conrad. Rock is their second full-length and it follows their 2018’s debut on Funkineven’s imprint Apron. It is out via Black Focus. According to the press release, The duo’s sound palette draws inspiration from 80’s funk, soul, rock and electronic but through a contemporary lens from two versatile multi-instrumentalists.

They explain: “Rock is the essence of energy and vibration we felt in different styles of music, almost like a parallel component connecting all things we like. In the process of recording the new album we kept coming back to this essence no matter what style the original idea was. There was the raw and brutal energy of Jazz-Rock, a lot of video game influences that somehow adhered this essence just as well as quieter Pop and Psychedelic passages that we recorded. Among other things we absorbed a lot of heavy music during the time of the recording like Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa or Jimi Hendrix and realized while writing our own music how much impact they had even on quieter songs. This is why “Rock” felt like the perfect title although the music ranges from P-Funk and Spiritual Jazz to various styles of Pop and beyond.”

Listen below.