Runrummer is the project of Birmingham born, London-based singer-songwriter Livi Morris. According to the press release, Growing up, Morris faced a struggle to find herself as she came to terms with her sexuality and gender identity. Idolising Bowie and Kate Bush, she often found music a form of escapism and familiarity. Her writing comes from a combination of her own experiences as well as those around her, often addressing serious issues in the juxtaposed context of upbeat, electronic-pop anthems.

She explains: “A lot of my lyrics focus on struggles I’ve had with sexuality, gender identity and mental health. Music has always helped me through hard times and I think it can be an extremely powerful tool in helping to inspire anyone who feels marginalized or different. You can always find musicians in your corner and you can always shut out the world with your headphones on”.¬†

I Like Getting High (But Not All The Time)” is a new track which was mastered by John Greenham (Billie Eilish, girl in red). The track shows her enchanting vocals which fits perfectly with the dynamic beats and the intense melodic rhythms. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video directed by Nic Kane (Elder Island, Club Kuru) and filmed with help from students at the University of Greenwich.

Watch it below.

Check the track via Soundcloud.