Arcadial is the London based duo comprised of Benjamin Blake and Jason Wadey. They announced the release of the debut EP titled Pandorium which is out in April. According to the press release, it incorporates synthesised soundscapes which battle with high-energy intricate guitar riffs for dominance throughout every song. The power dynamic displayed on the tracks often feel like a struggle between two opposing ideologies a theme reflected in Pandorium’s lyrics and uncommon song structures.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the new track “Absynth” which shows the dynamic rhythms and the rough lines of the sound. They explain: “Originally composed using the grand piano, Absynth was intended to be used as the introduction to Ad_Hoc. However, we were so pleased with the final result, Absynth was considered to be a strong enough song in its own right.

Transitioning from the grand piano, we took inspiration from Native American tribal songs, setting the pace for the drums and tribal chants. The synth was programmed from scratch to produce an instrument that could be both melodic and downright filthy when you hammer the keys. The song is particularly fun to play live and typically used as our opener. It is great to see people choke on their beers upon the initial scream; this was particularly evident when played in an over 60s venue that is accustomed to listening to Bob Marley and Ben E. King.”

Listen below.