MUNNYCAT is an LA-based duo who go by the names K808 + Khaledzou.

They produce, and shoot and edit their own videos together, lending new meaning to the phrase ‘dynamic duo.’ Blending together glitch-hop and – in this thumping track – even with moombahton beats. Before going to listen to this vibing new song, you can have a quick look at their videos. We are glad today to host the premiere of the track “Full Bronto“, and share as follows below how was born this buzzing song.

Khaledzou:  “With the production on this one, we were in a hookah bar in Rome and they were playing this ferocious world electronic dance music all night. We left feeling really inspired so we ran back to our hotel room and started laying down beats on our laptop and writing it, even though we didn’t have a lot of studio equipment with us. We had a little 1-octave keyboard and recorded vocals under blankets. We even recorded us breaking a souvenir glass to help the chorus hit. We only had one glass  – so only one take.  We added some guitars and stuff once we got back to our real studio. FULL BRONTO, baby.”