Two years after the first full-length Plurality Trip, Canadian producer, and composer Jay Crocker aka Joyfultalk recently released a new album. A Separation Of Being is out now via Constellation Records. According to the press release, It is a tour-de-force of modern composition systems music for electronics and strings. We had a talk with him about the new album and the importance of the visual part, his label Constellation Records and much more below.

Please Note: the interview was released before the current health emergency and the live shows cancellation. 

“A Separation of Being ” is your new album. How was born the idea of the album and what drove the inspiration of this work?

The concept for the piece A Separation Of Being was born out of a conceptual music composition structure I call The Planetary Music System

This system is circular rather than linear and is based on gear sets. This creates a sort of time signature independence between voices. Inspiration is all around us and inside of us in a continuous flow of energy. Cycles that intersect every moment to cycles that manifest over millennia to beyond the infinite. I guess it is my funny way of trying to take an aural and visual snapshot of my interaction with this energy and these cycles. It’s also just fun and rad to create sounds and music, it’s a medicine for getting through the day to day.

It is based on your mural-sized visual score artwork and his Planetary Music System of rotational interlocking notation. The visual part seems to have a strong role for this record, right?

Yes, absolutely. The form and size of the score has a direct correlation to how I wrote the music for the piece. I sketch the score and then make a smaller size version and the mathematically enlarge it (152 cm x 304cm). After the drawing is complete then I start writing the music. Because of how it is drawn, each voice already has a predetermined amount of notes within its particular cycle.

Considering your path, what is your way to give new shape to the sound and what is your idea of experimentation in art? Is it important?

Experimentation is kind of the life blood to my creative process. I believe that experimentation is a fundamental part of learning. I’m constantly trying to learn and create new ways of expressing my ideas, my creative thought and curiosities.

It is your second album with Constellation Records. What does it mean to have a label like Constellation behind your works?

I feel very honoured to be involved with Constellation Records. I feel like it is a great fit artistically and politically. The artistic work comes first with them and that is really rare in this fucked up industry. They have had success while still staying true to the art. Big respect.

You are planning a tour to introduce the album? Have you something in mind about the live shows?

I will be playing some solo performances later this month, then festivals across Canada with local string sections in June and hopefully back to Europe in the fall.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

I have been listening to lots of Mildred Graves, some Laurie Spiegel, Alhaji Bai Konte, RP Boo, Sabbath…wind..lots of wind