Jan Wagner is a Berlin-based pianist and producer. According to the press release, He’s fascinated by the music hidden beneath the surface: overlapping overtones, textures and the sounds created by the piano’s intricate mechanism. Two years after debut full-length Nummern, he announced the release of a new album. Kapitel is out on March 20th. Pre-order is available here.

He explains: “Kapitel is the second half of a book, it begins where Nummern ends. The tension and the pressure that I was dealing with back then had mostly dissolved along the way. You can still feel the reverberation of the “explosion” in the new material, but you are now floating through this strangely calming emptiness. This music is the moment of silence that follows a huge bang. It’s this millisecond of “nothingness” that Kapitel is about.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Kapitel 28” which shows the well-built minimal and rough sound in the first part and the growing rhythms and the embracing noise in the final part.

He adds: “Right now I feel empty. I’m overwhelmed by all this news coming in, pretty much every minute.  Since,  Tobias Preisig and I decided to postpone our tour of Poland, I just feel exhausted. The ride back from Krakow to Berlin felt like we where traveling from the other side of the world. Every minute we got news of yet another cancelled show. I know that we’re not in it alone, that the whole scene is going through this, and I’m sure others feel like this as well. I’m also hopeful that we will pick up the pieces soon. And this is what Kapitel 28 speaks about  – having this energy to lift yourself up and start moving.

Listen below and find him on Facebook.