Nailah Hunter (pronounced Nai-ee-lah) is a Los Angeles based harpist, vocalist, composer, and spell-caster. She announced the release of a new album which will be out later this year via Leaving Records. “Soil: Song from Silence” is the first evocative and enchanting first excerpt. Listen below.

Nailah developed a love for baroque and classical at a young age from attending choir. She added this: “I also hope to encourage other black girls to play the harp! We obviously can’t forget legends like Dorothy Ashby & Alice Coltrane, or living harp hero Brandee Younger. But, historically, the instrument has been reserved for the wealthy, white, elite crowd. Representation is important! I want to work towards decolonizing the instrument, and raising awareness that harp is for EVERYONE~

She went on to say this about the harp: “Primal and uniquely ethereal sound immediately calls forth the natural, old world, magic filled fantasy realm I love to revel in. Some topics I’ve been exploring in my writing lately; the sound of moonlight, bodies of water as portals, the history of moonstone amulets, and prophetic tears. I like to weave in metaphors from Greek mythology, Arthurian Legend, spell books, tarot, and the Bible, into my songwriting.”