Cucina Povera is the project of Finnish born sound artist and producer Maria Rossi. One year after Zoom, she announced the release of a new album. Tyyni is out on March 27th via Night School Records. “Salvia Salvatrix” is the first excerpt. According to the press release, Tyyni feels like a slowly unfurling mediation on the clash between nature and mechanical living, a rumination on the complexities of modern life that begin to unveil more about the inner landscape of the artist as it progresses.

A Finnish word referring to still, serene weather, the title belies a new note of turmoil in Cucina Povera’s soundworld. Tyyni represents a more detailed focus on the sculpting of sounds that curl around Rossi’s hymnal vocal performances. It’s a more adventurous work than Rossi’s previous output that goes further into noise elements and vocal abstraction while maintaining the balance and ecclesiastical ecstasy of her debut Hilja.

Listen below.