Ghost of Our Former Selves is the London-based project comprised of lead-singer Theo Brehony, guitarist Sanderson Rocha, and producer Fred Ala. They announced their second album which will be out later this year. “The Island” is a new excerpt which shows the soul background of the sound, the vocals delicacy and their ability to build refined and well-built melodies.

According to the press release, The new single points to the band’s love of old school gospel & hip hop. On the backing vocal sections, they even worked with the London Community Gospel Choir, while keys genius Jon Moody (of Frank Moody) also plays on the record. It’s a track that addresses issues of isolation and mental health in men and tells the story of a son’s relationship with an absent father.

On the new single, lead singer Theo states: “We were really influenced by this gospel album from the early 70’s by a guy called Pastor T.L. Bennet. The gospel sound goes with what I’m saying to my dad in the song. He literally isolated himself on an island physically and with his own mental demons. It’s about living in the past and withdrawing with the excuse that you are living on your own terms. Everybody feels this sometimes but you can’t let it happen –  that’s why when the gospel choir sings, “No Man Can Stand On His Own Island” it means so much to me every time I hear it.”

Watch the official video below and find them on Facebook.