Aquarama are the italian duo comprised of Dario Bracaloni and Guglielmo Torelli. According to the press release, they combine modern funk-rnb grooves with vintage-taste melodies and arrangements typical of 60s surf-pop. Three years after debut full-lenght Riva, they recently released their sophomore album Teleskop which is out via Fresh Yo! Label, Sand Music and Pop Up Records. We had a talk with them about the new album, their own studio, the live shows and much more below.

Please Note: the interview was released before the current health emergency and the live shows cancellation. 

Let’s Start from your sophomore album “Teleskop”. What drove your inspiration and the creative process?

The will of giving to “Riva” a follow-up that could be both coherent with our musical path and able to open up to new sounds, inspirations and writing processes.

You build your own studio for this record, right? How was this new experience?

Yes we definitely did! The McFarland Recordings is a magical place set in the magnificent Tuscan country; the album and the studio are deeply linked because they were created at the same time so that one is the consequence of the other: “Teleskop” wouldn’t existed without the studio and the studio wouldn’t have been built if not for making the album.

“Teleskop” is the German word for “Telescope” to be understood as a way to see “things” clearly and with a new point of view. What is the most meaningful thing which changed your personal way to see the world, your music or yourself?

Hopefully we see things clearly! Most of all “Teleskop” represents a way of watching things from a distant point of observation, musically we had to watch back at our previous production to understand which path to follow, while the lyrics have abandoned the auto-biographical themes to gain a more cosmic perspective.

The artwork is very impressive. How Did you choose it?

Guglielmo had this idea of representing the Orion constellation above the sea to describe a winter starry night seen from our latitude gazing at West; meanwhile Dario come out with the concept of Teleskop for the title and the two things couldn’t match better; so we proposed to Alessandro Cripsta to give those ideas a graphic form in his iconic style, merging classical inspirations with a psychedelic aesthetics. He perfectly captured the nocturnal mood we expected the cover to have.

You are from Florence. What do you think of the current situation of the local music scene and how this place affected your way to make music?

Despite the numerous talented musicians and DJs coming from our city the situation in Florence is really bad…mostly because of the heavy-touristic shape the political power has given to the city over the last two decades that slowly – but not that slowly – turned our beautiful city in to somewhat like a sandwich-wine-run across the museum-Luna Park; the result is that there are no spaces for cultural activities, there are less and fewer venues for concerts and the existing ones do propose, most of the cases, highly commercial music: such a pity. In a way this desertification affected the writing process of “Riva” – and in the end the whole Aquarama project – and led us to the exotic suggestions of our debut album which was a sort of “escape from our reality” manifesto.

Among our hometown pals we recommend you to check Biga, /handlogic, Sinedades, Hertz Collision, Sex Pizzul, The Dust & The Duke, Senna, Theo Taddei.

You’re touring right now. What kind of live shows we can expect from you?

We want people to enjoy our live shows both in listening to the tunes and in dancing to the groove and the rhythm: beat, sweat and tears we should say! In May we’ll be properly touring Germany for the first time and we couldn’t be more excited! If you check our website you won’t miss our shows –

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

Actually we have been disappointed by some artists we used to love…that said, Gorillaz’s “Song Machine” seems to be another brilliant idea from the duo volcanic minds; then we appreciated Stone Throw’s Mild High Club, Mac deMarco latest, swiss band L’Eclair and Japan’s finest Kikagaku Moyo.