Francesco Bianconi is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician, better known for this work with the band Baustelle. He announced the release of his first solo full-length which will be out in April. “Il Bene” is the first excerpt. He explains: “As all the other tracks on the album, this one was born from long afternoons of improvisation with voice and piano. Starting from classical music scores and going off course, I wrote melodies that had been triggered by something given but that slowly became something different in a wonderful and mysterious way.

Tour dates:

May 6th > Fermo | Teatro dell’Aquila
May 10th > Milan | Teatro Dal Verme
May 11th > Florence | Teatro Verdi
May 13th > Reggio Emilia | Teatro Valli
May 15th > Rome | Auditorium Parco della Musica
May 18th > Turin | OGR