MIRO SHOT is a London based collective. They announced the release of the debut album Content which will be out in May. Renowned for their unique live experience, Miro Shot embrace virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to present a new version of what a band is and can be. They say about the new album: “Our album is about the end of the world, and the best way to avoid it. The band started in a broken-down old building where musicians, filmmakers, coders and designers could try and build something together- something new. It’s an album about hope most of all- that technology will free but only if we learn more about it, that the gaps between reality and the digital world don’t necessarily make us less human- they can make us closer.”

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the track “Used To Say Things To Strangers” which shows cheerful rhythms, an embracing vocals and their ability to build strong melodies.  They explain: “The song about the way we share our data online, how our online personalities show who we are and who we want to be.

It’s a look the way we share things online, the good and bad sides of what Marshall McLuhan called an “extension of our central nervous system. The song references Cambridge Analytica, Instagram and Google’s “Right To Be Forgotten” case, and the way algorithms are being used to subtly alter our emotional states and opinions. Most of all this is a song about embracing social media and technology. Its saying that we used to use them in a way that would destroy us, but now we can use them in a way that brings us closer together. As a band, we subscribe to the original dream of what the internet was supposed to be before it got Googled / Zuckerberg’d, as it was outlined in The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace. Yes this is idealistic, but it is our only shield against the nightmare of mind-control and rigged elections which we will otherwise fall into.”

Listen below.