We already introduced Italian band Cactus? which is comprised of Simone Marchiori, Francesco Lunardon and Andrea Berti. Back in 2019 and three years after Sorry For My Accent EP, they released their first full-length titled No People Party which is out via Costello’s Records. According to the press release, It combines influences from the dance-punk phenomenon of mid-00s with the current Lo-fi Bedroom movement, adding to the mix 80s synths and sample.

Now they’re back with a new single titled “Shitdisco” which shows the well built, infectious rhythms. They explain: “It is a love song for the most authentic and straightforward new rave, went down long ago. The lyrics are about insisting on feeling sad to reach the most shallow fragilities. Synths are our tears, at first, they struggle to flow but in the end, they are released in a cry.”

Listen below.