Thinkaboutit are an Italian band, based in Bari, which include Stefano De Vivo , Marco Menchise, Claudio La Rocca, Vincenzo Guerra and Gianluca Aceto. Their music mix different styles from electronic lines and urban vibes to jazz textures. Four years after In Secondo Piano, they recently released a new album titled Marea which is out now via Totally Imported.

It was recorded at Capillare Factory Studios in Bari and features Alessandro Cianci, Filippo Bubbico, Gaetano Partipilo, Angela Esmeralda, Good Moaning, The Pier, Luigi Morleo, Mario Nappi, Maëlys and Stefano Fiori. We had a nice talk with them about their new album, their roots and much more. Check it below.

Let’s Start from your new album “Marea”. What drove your inspiration and the creative process? And how did you handle your different backgrounds?

It’s has been a journey for us. We started by beginning to embrace our roots and our culture in a deeper way. We studied and analyzed the connections we have with our landscapes and the reflexes they had our growth. This translated into the leitmotiv of “Marea”. The colours we painted, the scenarios we try to evoke with our sounds are the ground of our work.

The different backgrounds were gathered together under this focus, so we tested our artistic maturity as we strived to reach the same goal, that is to represent the south, the sea, the roots.

What is the meaning and the concept behind the title and the word “Marea”?

Marea means tide and it’s a title that has several meanings. Tide is something that occurs sometimes, that goes away and then comes back bringing new things. Tide means changes and can be dangerous. Tide represents the sea, and this element is highly present in our culture, so we wanted to have key entity that could lead the narrative of this work and we found out that Marea would have done the job.

You released the short film “Behind Marea”. How was born this idea to show how you worked to the release of “Marea”?

The idea was pretty simple: to show the experience we had, adding the possibility to explain the meaning behind the album. Vincenzo decided to make this short film to have a piece of work that could have helped us to bring people closer to the making of the album by showing everything that happened, from the recording sessions to the meal time. We actually shot videos for more than 60 minutes of material and it was very hard to choose between the different videos to put inside “behind Marea”.

You are from Bari. I’m very interested to the connection between the places we live over the years, the territorial geography of our roots, the different places we have the chance to know and the creative process. How do you feel these theme connected to your music, your way to think music?

At this point we decided to focus more on our roots. This means the sounds, the colours, the elements that we have been always exposed to in a passive way, now have been discovered again and seen under a different light. We’ve been making music for our entire life but it’s quite common to play in a similar way of what you listen to. We all come from the same background where black music is the mother of our influences but this time we were more keen on saying what we wanted in our very language and our vocabulary. The south element is always there in the project and it has been the core of our production, and we started from that, keeping it in mind during the whole creative process.

You will present the album at MAT Laboratorio Urbano (date to be announced).
What kind of live shows we can expect from you? You’re also planning a tour?

It’s not a live for us, it’s more like an experience. We worked as hard for the live as for the album. We have some surprise for the release party at MAT that we don’t want to share because they will help us to bring a full experience during the live, something new we’ve never done. On this album we are working with Django Concerto, a booking agency that is helping us to plan the perfect route for this album so yes, more dates will be announced soon.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated (one/two for each member fo the band)?

Claudio- Fantastic 2020, Vol.2 – Abstract Orchestra / Athena- Sudan Archives

Stefano: Stretch Music – Christian Scott /Flamagra – Flying Lotus

Marco: Racines- C’mon Tigre/Assume Form-James Blake

Gianluca: Rising –House of waters / Gioventù bruciata -Mahmood

Vincenzo: Græ: Part 1-Moses Sumney /Jesus Is King- Kanye West