Three years later Built on Glass, Australian singer-songwriter and musician Chet Faker returned with new music in 2017 with his own name Nick Murphy. Back in 2019, he released a new full-lenght titled Run Fast Sleep Naked. A few days a go he shared a new instrumental album titled Music For Silence.

He explains: “This record was deeply cathartic process for me. I was in a really bad place with myself. I thought id broken something inside my chest and all I wanted to do was get as far away from everything as possible. It felt like a split stone. I found an old empty church and slept there for a week with a piano and the pigeons in the rafters. I played all day each day and recorded all of it. I didn’t have the words but my hands and that space helped me work it out. Like kneading dough. These recordings healed me and I wanted to share them in the hope some of that healing might pass on to a listener. Everything is so dense these days, It’s important to take some spiritual rest when you can.”