One year after Φ (Phi), Italian noise artist Mai Mai Mai (Toni Cutrone) returned with a new album in 2019. Nel Sud is out now via Not Not Fun and God Unknown. Now he’s back with a new single titled “Secondo Coro delle Lavandaie” which features Maria Violenza and it is out now via La Tempesta Records.

According to the press release, With Il Secondo Coro delle Lavandaie, Mai Mai Mai looks again to the ‘South’, but this time encompasses an ethnic and folkloric tradition in a more contemporary way, conjuring a work in which art, music & theatre intersect. The original version of ‘Il Secondo Coro delle Lavandaie’was made by Roberto De Simone with Compagnia di Nuovo Canto Popolare and released in 1976, an iconic moment in southern Italian and neapolitan music.

Watch the official video below.