School of X is a moniker of Copenhagen-based musician and songwriter Rasmus Littauer also known for his work as a drummer for MØ, Lord Siva and more. One year after his latest EP Destiny, he announced the release of the debut full-length which will be out later this year via Tambourhinoceros. “Collarbone” is the new excerpt which features Lord Silva.

“When I wrote the songs for Destiny I was also working on some more energetic and collaborative songs. “Collarbone” is a direct result of this approach; Lord Siva sings the bridge, Mauro Refusco (David Byrne) recorded the percussion and on the album some of my close collaborators like Yangze, Vera, Mads Koch and Spencer Zahn have contributed. I’m still the producer and main writer and “Collarbone” is a personal song for me that shows a new side of School of X,” says Rasmus Littauer and continues to touch upon the lyrics of the new single: “The many fragments in the lyrics evoke a wealth of images and emotions within me. It all revolves around the same theme; being wildly confused and wildly obsessed at once — a state that’s equally intoxicating and tough to exist in.”