Celia Hollander is a Los Angeles based composer and artist working with audio, scores, performance, installation and text, and known also with the alias $3.33. According to the press release, Her work critically engages ways that audio and the act of listening can shape temporal perception, generate narratives, question cultural infrastructures and cultivate social connection. She recently released a new EP titled Recent Futures which is out now via Leaving Records. Listen below.

Each song on the EP aspires towards a different type of temporal movement: a swing between the recent past and near future, an accelerating present, a temporal eddy, a juxtaposition between massive and microscopic durations, a flowing momentum and a preserved stillness. An assemblage of field recordings drenched, sampled, tumbled, stretched, diced, dyed, layered and reversed, Recent Futures yields varying terrains of the abstracted mundane, a magical realism of audio.