Nadeah & Beki are a Paris based duo comprised of Aussie born Indian/Serb Nadeah Miranda and Anglo-Syrian Beki Mari. According to the press release, Drawing on a myriad of influences from 80’s post-punk, electro pop and hip-hop, they channel their love of 90s electroclash to the present.

They announced the release of the debut EP Dream Bitches which will be out tomorrow.  Today we have the pleasure to share a new track titled “Ou Es Tu” which shows the gloomy and charming vocals and the tense and dynamic rhythms. They explain: “Où Es-Tu? is about our inability to be present.

It’s as if we’re perpetually chasing our tails, catching up with life and  rushing around judging ourselves by vast and varied comparative measures. Consequently we don’t get a chance to be present, nor to think about who we really are. We wanted a musical landscape that reflected this chaotic kind of distracted energy but again, its still a song with a super fun fun element to the lyric. All our songs are very tongue in cheek despite the semi-dense subject matter.”

Listen below.