Flyying Colours is an Australian quartet which include Andy Lloyd-Russell, Brodie J Brümmer, Gemma O’Connor, Melanie Barbaro. Four years after their first full-length Mindfullness, they announced the release of a new album. Fantasy Country will be out in the summer of 2020 via AC30 and Poison City Records. We already shared “Goodtimes”; “Big Mess” is a new excerpt.

They explain: “Big Mess was one of the first tracks written for the record after finishing our last set of major touring. It became somewhat of a representation of what it was like at the time for us being away and coming home. Everything was a bit crazy and a bit messy in our lives… relationships change (all different kinds) as life changes and that is kind of what the song is about.

I like it as it feels very much like the songs I used to write in high school, which is funny. It was the first song we started working on and one of the most difficult to really get it to sound the way it did in my head. After playing Big Mess live as a band for a while before recording I think we are all very excited to release it to the world.”