Less Win is a Danish three-piece band that involves Casper Morilla (guitar, vocals), Patrick Kociszewski (bass, vocals) and Matthew Moller (drums). Four years after their latest work TRUST, they announced the release of a new album. Given Light is out on April 17th via The Big Oil Recording Company. “Root and Branch” is the first excerpt. Watch the official video and read the full story below.

Writing a new album never comes easy. Once the Copenhagen band had come back from a huge touring spree promoting their 2016 album ‘Trust’, (that sold out two weeks after release) all three band members took a few months off to regroup and returned, creatively restless, with a wish to write in a structured way with each individual member acting as a separate songwriter to work on and build collectively. The process was long, hard and draining, and nothing tangible was emerging from their creative bedrock, so they scrapped at least one album’s worth of music on the spot.

After taking an adopted ‘tabula rasa’ approach: “We gave no thought to our earlier material, to our friends in other bands or to the record label. Material was to be written quickly; all preconceived material was to be disallowed. Criticism and editing of material during the writing process was to be swift and decisive,” says drummer Matthew Moller. If any doubts were raised about the material, it would be scrapped and they would start again.

With this approach, writing was finished in a couple of brutal weeks, the studio was booked, finishing touches were considered and recording and mixing took place over a four-five day session at Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen.

Gone are the string section and the avantgarde saxophone bursts from’ Trust’; dirgy, soul-tinged group horns, percussion, distant harmonica, flamenco guitar and piercing lonesome viola taking their place. The result sees post-punk, art rock and flamenco sensibilities meet in a furious mesh of relentless, yet melodic songs. The flamenco touches, especially, loom large; Casper Morilla (also of Iceage) has spent the years since ‘Trust’ studying flamenco, adding a severity and finesse to his playing that has coloured the whole album:

“The touch of flamenco, which I feel so strongly about, as an ingredient and how we write together, has been a means to transmitting the stories, advice and sentiments expressed on this album.” he says. Fittingly, the title, ‘Given Light’, is a Spanish saying for giving birth.