Collectress is an all-female multi-instrumentalist chamber music collective based in and around London. Different Geographies is the new album which is out on March 6th via Peeler Records. We already shared “Landing” and “In the Streets, In the Fields”; “Mauswerk” is a new excerpt. According to the press release, The song was born from spatial keyboard explorations, movements through physical geometry which generate a horizonless harmonic landscape through which the cellos glide. Pulsing keyboards underpin the direction of travel, mapping out Mauswerk’s harmonic cartography. Energy fizzes in shakers and slicing scissors. Synths bubble conspiratorially. Atop this, the cellos shine darkly with sure feet, never quite revealing the secret of the steps.

The film for Mauswerk took the experimental abstract animation of Len Lye as its inspiration combined with a nod to the electro pop aesthetics of Kraftwerk. The eventual combination of grids and abstract shapes was an exploration of finding ways to visualise early digital imaging through filming geometric structures found in our local environments. The cut out shapes move as if guided by a series of algorithms, they flow to the music sometimes overlapping, echoing early modernist explorations of colour theory.

Watch it below.