LYR (Land Yacht Regatta) is the project which involves British poet laureate Simon Armitage, musician Richard Walters and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Pearson. They announced the release of the debut album Call In The Crash Team which is out in May via Mercury KX. “Never Good With Horses” is the first excerpt.

The song is an keenly felt description of disappointment in a relationship, with a narrator who is resigned to stomach a partner’s “sugar cube” lies. As with all eleven tracks on the album, Armitage writes from the point of view of a fictional character on “Never Good With Horses”. “The speaker is a woman describing her disenchantment with a partner who exhibits traditional male characteristics of insensitivity and a lack of empathy,” he explains. “That phrase ‘Never Good With Horses’ just drifted into my head one day and the whole thing just fell out of the title, like a Venetian blind.

Watch the official video below.