One year after Torzo Revisited and At Home EP, Cincinnati-based pianist and composer Tristan Eckerson released a new album. Decades is out now as self-release. According to the press release, With “Decades” Tristan wanted to create a set of songs that would stand alone as compositions in their own right and have some form of forward momentum, while also keeping to a very minimal, almost conceptual aesthetic. Tristan’s biggest inspiration for this concept was Philip Glass and Ryuichi Sakamoto. About the creation of the album, Tristan says:

I was aiming for the simultaneous ultra simplicity and profound impact that I find particularly in the solo piano works of Philip Glass and Ryuichi Sakamoto. And I wanted to use a production style that was more modern and brought an extra element and depth to the recordings, in terms of hearing the workings of the piano, atmosphere, etc.

Listen below.