One year after the collaboration with American producer Ricky Graham aka Signals Under Test, German sound artist Hellmut Neidhardt aka announced the release of a new album. Ostwall is out today via Midira Records. It is only available on tape. According to the press release, this album is not a regular album and doesn´t feature regular tracks.

So then, what is it? Well, originally we wanted to release this piece as a hidden track in the “Fahrn” Box, which came out a year ago, but then we thought it needs a special treatment, because it is a special recording. Normally we don´t like to tell you long stories about releases, cause the music is the most important thing, but in this case, the story is part of the music.

All started with a live show in a museum in Dortmund, where N played a collaboration set in the main hall of the building. Imagine a big square hall with a very high ceiling surrounded by balconies and exhibition rooms. After the set, the audience had the chance to move through the museum and N decided to build a minimal loop as a background soundtrack. Gladly we had a recorder with us and started taping that loop next to the amps. The result is a mix of a massive slowly changing drone loop with field recordings capturing the talking, drinking and walking audience of the museum.

Listen below.