Night House are a Brighton based band led by singer-songwriter Nick Williams. Their music is inspired by acts as James Blake, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Joni Mitchell, and Bon Iver. They announced the release of the first full-length. Everyone Is Watching From Afar is out on March 27th via Back in The Woods Records.

The album was co-produced and mixed by Dan Brown (Massive Attack, Jerry Williams) and according to the press release, it was written during a period of family bereavement with the personal lyrics drifting over warm strings and clarinets, where layered vocal harmonies meet icy synthesizers and electronic beats. It features performances from a range of Brighton artists, including the lead vocals and harp of acclaimed songwriter Ellie Ford on “The Roots in the Wires”.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Bloodlines” which shows the delicate and warm vocals and the refined complexity which mixes the etehereal electronic lines and the solemn acoustic melodies. Nick Williams explains:

“I started writing bloodlines on the flight home from a trip to stay with my brother in Japan. It’s fair to say that we’re both very different people, with very different lives and we haven’t always seen eye to eye. I think we’d both seen this visit as a way of building a closer relationship but after two weeks in close proximity we both resorted to old ways and ended up having a huge blowout argument. Lots of the tracks on “Everyone Is Watching From Afar” are written about family relationships. I come from small family so this kind of fallout makes big waves and Bloodlines was me coming to terms with the past and working out what the future look like.

Robin and Alfie’s huge string arrangement were the first thing we settled on and they shaped the entire track. We wanted Bloodlines to have a positive yet melancholic atmosphere and nothing captures that feeling quite like a string section.“