David Myles is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician living in Nova Scotia and originally from New Brunswick. Mixing different styles, he released several album since 2005’s debut album. He announced the release of a new full-length titled Leave Tonight which will be out on May 8th via Little Tiny Records. Title-track is a new excerpt which shows the refined folk textures and the delicate chamber pop orchestration which underlines the vocals intensity.

David explains the story behind the video, “A couple months ago, I was in Toronto and a buddy told me about a dance contest going on that night downtown. I love dancing. I really love it. Always have. That said, I’ve certainly never entered a dance contest. But this time the timing felt too right. I’m almost 40 and admittedly don’t go out dancing much these days. What did I have to lose? THEN, it hits us. What if we filmed the whole night and made it a music video for “Leave Tonight”? So we did. And let’s just say, I left everything I had out on that dance floor. Here it is.”

Watch the video below.