Came across this art-pop trio from Vancouver, which recently released their 4th studio album RIP via Light Organ / Tooth and Nail / Sinnbus. We Are The City mix up a fine line among most of my pop listenings, reason enough to ask them to enlist their 5 most influential tracks. They are also touring Europe (info below), with a final gig in Berlin at Music & Friend on March 8th. Full streaming of the new LP and a special playlist HERE.

Debby Friday – Fatal. Pulling together all-time favorite songs is hard because, at least for us, inspiration is a constantly morphing wave. So many new feelings to experience, constantly rolling over each person. For this reason, DEBBY FRIDAY feels right as first on our list. She is someone that we are excited about, a new sound for Vancouver, an intentional mess of distortion and dedication. Perfect track, FATAL.

Andata – Ryuichi Sakamoto. Sakamoto is constantly in the background, layering his melodies on top of our RIP store as it hosts friends, or in our pre-show playlist, or in our mood boards for film scripts. This song, Andata, is so bizarre if you listen close, but you can also passively listen: what a balance to strike as a composer.

Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me. I found this record in a free bin, what a score. It did not belong there, I’ve listened to it over and over. It’s a perfect encapsulation of an artist, in his last days.

William Basinski – dlp 1.1 from The Disintegration Loops. This track has an incredible story and is a beautiful gateway to noise and ambient music. It was one avenue we took into a glorious genre of mind-opening sounds. Anyone out there, look into what this song is and how it was made, it’s a study in commitment.

Changes – David Bowie. I have to put one of my favorite songs of all time on this list. It’s not an original pick, but it’s one of the best songs ever written and has inspired me time and time again. Every time I listen to it, I rediscover it. Such a perfect melody from one of the greatest pop artists of all time.

Tour Dates:

24.02.2020 – DE – München, Milla
26.02.2020 – CZ – Praha, Palace Akropolis
28.02.2020 – CH – Baden, Werkk
29.02.2020 – DE – Mainz, Schon Schön
01.03.2020 – NL – Utrecht, Club 9
02.03.2020 – UK – London, The Grace
05.03.2020 – DE – Dortmund, Tyde Studios
06.03.2020 – DE – Hamburg, Molotow
07.03.2020 – DK – Kopenhagen, Vega
08.03.2020 – DE – Berlin, Musik & Frieden