LEYA are the New York-based duo that involves violinist Marilu Donovan (Eartheater, Aerial East, Julie Byrne) and Adam Markiewicz (PC Worship, The Dreebs). One year after the first full-length, they announced a new album. Flood Dream is out on March 6th via NNA Tapes. We already shared “Weight” and“Wave”; “INTP” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

Her second video with LEYA, director Kathleen Dycaico explains the visuals: “‘INTP’ follows the scent of “Sister” from The Fool, but goes darker — a lush and sinister horror-romance. Young lovers, full of a purity of life to invite envy from any watcher, break into a house they believe to be empty… Or is it? As the lovers’ search to find each other grows more urgent, the track revels in tension, an urgency crossed with an insistently slow lament.”