JULA is a newcomer Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter and musician. We introduced her with the debut track “Leave”; now he’s back with a new track titled “Take It Back” which is out via Tall Mountain Records. It was co-produced alongside Jan Schröder (known for his work with Causes, DO, Mainstreet and Martin Garrix), while the mix and master was handled by Ian Grimble (Daughter, Sinead O’Connor, Mumford & Sons, and Radiohead) and Frans Hendriks respectively. She shared the official video directed by Monika Vaskorova.

JULA about the video: “This video is actually really emotional for me. We shot it a month after my dad died and I was not feeling up to the task to shoot an awesome video. However I am really happy with how it turned out and proud of myself and my team that we made this happen.

When my dad got sick, I turned into survival mode and music disappeared to the background. I was dealing with his illness, with his health, always worrying about him. It was consuming everything, my mental health, my friends, being a mother, my music, everything. We knew he wouldn’t survive his illness, but still his death came sudden and I was in shock.

I didn’t want to release any music and definitely didn’t want to make a video, I wanted to stay home in bed and cry all day and all night. I felt like I was in a time-bubble and the whole world was moving on without me while I hid myself and my feelings away. And then something in me clicked. This is exactly what I have been struggling with all my life and exactly what the song is about. I never felt good enough, I always felt that my feelings weren’t valid, that I shouldn’t feel these big emotions (mind you, A LOT of people told me I was too much) You have to be happy and smile and pretend that everything is ok and I don’t want that anymore. People are not like that, I am not like that. I feel things and they are big and that is ok. In fact, that is awesome.

You can be super insecure, really sad, cry, laugh, be a mom, make music, put yourself out there and follow your dreams. You can be all those things at the same time. I AM all these things at the same time.  And that is why I am really proud of this video. It shows my pain, it shows my insecurities, it shows my strength and my power.”

Monika Vaskorova (Director & Cinematographer): “Take it back meant for me taking back the power, taking back yourself from the people and surroundings which are not serving you anymore. This act is very necessary at some point in our lives and I have experienced it, too. That is the reason why I was able to connect with JULA and create something, which will speak for both of us.