A few weeks ago we introduced British singer-songwriter Katie Blount and her first full-lenght Dark Water which was released in January. Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new video for the title-track which underlines her powerful and embracing vocals and the delicate sound.

According to the press release, Dark Water is a song of subtleties, a gradual unwinding of a relationship and a slow burning of the last embers of pain. It is sung from the perspective of someone who realises their relationship has come to end and who is wading through the subtle and often hidden signs that now seem so clear.

When talking about the making of the video, Katie said, I wanted the video to express the subtlety of what was happening in the song. I began to realise quickly that was very difficult to do, as I didn’t want the imagery to be obvious or too abstract and lose a sense of connection. I wanted to find a way of expressing the emotional internal landscapes while showing the reality of what is slowly unfolding.

Watch it below.