ENTT are a British, London-based band comprised of Kaan Kara, Mary Marie and Elliott Caffrey. Their music is inspired by bands as Depeche Mode, Oasis, Empire of the Sun, New Order, Clean Bandit and Superorganism. They announced the release of the debut EP titled Coepio which will be out tomorrow. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Break Free” which shows the dance-oriented sound, the pulsing rhythms and the evocative vocals melodies.

The band explain: “When it came to deciding how we wanted to visually represent Break Free as a band, we wanted a simple, but effective idea in the making and in the outcome. That is why we decided to basically have a big road trip from London to Brighton….. just as winter was starting of course! We got very lucky with the weather on the day of filming too, as the trip down consisted of a lot of rain, which was not ideal for filming! But as the day wore on after lunch, it got a lot better, and added to the authentic british feel we wanted from the video as well.

Break Free is all about that special someone in your life. We wanted this video to not only show our audience what, we as a band, are capable of musically, but also depict how we bond as a unit and show another side to us. Overall we are very happy with how the video turned out, as our videographer Arthur Walwin, done an amazing job putting everything together and baring the volatile weather with us! Despite from Mary causing Brighton Pier to come to a halt, dancing across benches, tables and plenty more, the overall day of filming was also a success.”

Check the track via Soundcloud.