Xu(e) is the collaboration between Italian sound artists Andrea Poli and Nicola Fornasari. Five years after Brown Jenkin, they’re back with a new album titled Music for Vanished People which is out via Shimmering Moods. According to the press release, it was conceived as a series of improvisations that introduced different artists into their alchemical, asynchronous remote collaboration process, where time and space play almost no role. Each guest answered the call delving into the subject with his preferred instrument.

The result is an album that explores both the dynamics of disappearing and the different emotions that vanishing evokes.  From the multitude of individuals and families who lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea to a whole population that apparently imploded without leaving a trace, from persons who were forgotten to those who simply disappeared, we travel between private and universal feelings of loss.

It features Zenjungle, Moody Alien,Belaqua Sua, Wilhelm Matthies, The volume settings folde and Shanyio. Full streaming is available below.