Four years after A.M.,British, Oxford-based  singer-songwriter and musician Richard Walters announced the release of a new album. Golden Veins is out on May 8th via Cooking Vinyl. “Kintsugi” is the first excerpt. According to the press release, It uses the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer (resulting in the golden veins of the album title) as a metaphor for Walters’ relationship with his wife, his newfound sense of creativity and inspiration and the very nature of being human.

“When she and I got together ten years ago,” he says, “I was a mess; I was taking too many drugs, drinking too much, not living as well as I should, and as a result I felt very fragmented. I was broken and she put me back together. But it’s also about rediscovering the joy in life and music again. Kintsugi is an artform that highlights imperfections and for me, when I meet new people, I’m always relieved to find out that they’ve got flaws too. Those small cracks make us more interesting and stronger.”