Niklas Paschburg is a young Hamburg based composer and musician. Two years ago he released his first full-length Oceanic. After 2019’s “Blooming (In C Minor)” and “IF”, he announced the release of a new album. Svalbard is out on February 28th via 7K!. It was recorded, produced and mixed by Andy Barlow (Lamb). We already shared “Little Orc”; “Duvet” is a new excerpt.

He explains: “I wrote “Duvet” with producer Andy Barlow during a late summer night session in Brighton, when everything around us was already asleep and only a warm summer breeze blew outside. When we recorded the piano, a bee flew across the microphones and we decided not to cut it out or try to do another “perfect” take. It was an honest reflection of the vibe of that summer night and if you listen carefully you might hear the bee.” 

Listen below.