Sailing Stones is the project of Bristol-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Lindfors. We introduced her with She’s A Rose, her debut EP. She announced the release of hre first full-length. Polymnia is out on April 24th and it came together with producer and multiinstrumentalist TJ Allen (Bat For Lashes, Laura Groves) on production and bass duties, Dan Moore on keys/ synths (Moog Ensemble, Modulus III, Anna Calvi) and Daisy Palmer (Mesadorm, Goldfrapp, Rae Morris) on drums and drum machines.

Later, Jake and Pete from Get The Blessing provided horn parts, and Drew Morgan (Modulus III) arranged strings on several songs. We already shared “Don’t Tempt the Shadow”; “The Fire Escape” is a new excerpt. Listen below.