William K.z. is a Manchester based musician, songwriter and composer, also known as part of seven-piece ensemble Bethlehem Casuals. He announced the release of his first solo full-length. After A Long Time is out on April 24th as self-release. Written over the five years following his arrival in Manchester, the album explores the destabilizing nature of relocating to a new city and the impact of a new and visceral sound environment.

Rivel Stroll” is a new excerpt which shows his warm and melancholic vocals, the psychedelic lines and the ethereal tension of the sound. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video which was created by Woolgather Films. According to the press release, the track showcases the interface between the banal experience of a riverside amble and an imagination catapulted into a murky underworld of sea beasts. The track’s video is equally beguiling, depicting a dream in which William wanders across a stark, sweeping landscape.

Watch it below.

Check also the track via Spotify and the artwork below.