Haunt The Woods are a Cornwall based band which include Jonathan Stafford (Vocals, Guitar), Phoenix Elleschild (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Olly Bignell (Percussion, Vocals), Jack Hale (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Their music take inspiration from artists as Pink Floyd, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. They announced the release of the debut album. Opaque is out on February 28th.

Jonathan explains of the album: “Drugs, alcohol, money, status, clothes and material possessions mask and help with the symptoms, but the problem still remains. We are all going to die and we are atoms contemplating atoms. All of this universe has come from somewhere, and it’s pretty fucking daunting and hard to get your head around.

“Opaque, as our first album, has been a unique and unforgettable experience for the entire band. The studio created a world that exists separately from normal life, where the sole focus is to exercise and explore musical creativity. This contributed the ‘spur of the moment’ writing style that created Opaque, and the four of us, guided by our incredible producer Peter Miles, had never been so creatively energised.”

We already shared “Supernova”; Vultures” is the new excerpt. “We wrote this song a long time ago,” explain the band. “Our time recording Opaque gave us the perfect atmosphere to develop it into what it has now become – everyone’s energy was so vibrant. It’s melancholic before evolving in purpose and power. We can’t wait to play this one live on our tour in March.”

Listen below.