Military Genius is the new solo project of Bryce Cloghesy of influential acts Crack Cloud, NOV3L and Blanka. According to the press release, he blends rigid composition and free-form noise, producing abstract meditative representations of real-life experience. Deep Web is the debut album which will be out on March 6th via Unheard of Hope. Tomorrow he will start the Italian tour. Check the dates and read our talk with him about the debut album, live shows and his roots.

Tour Dates:

14/2 Verona Military Genius + BeMyDelay trio | Kroen (Vr)
15/2 Savona Joe Strummer Memorial Day w Military Genius/Gazed/I Sassi & More
17/2 Rome Military Genius – Roma + Bez Yorke, Blocco 24
18/2 Pisa Military Genius – 18.02.20 | Caracol
20/2 Naples Military Genius (CA) live a Napoli
21/2 Perugia Military Genius (Can | Tin Angel Records) live at T-Trane
22/2 Osimo (An) Military Genius [CA] live + dj Smegma
23/2 Carpi (Mo) Bad Vibrations presents: Military Genius + Mabe Fratti

Let’s Start from your debut album “Deep Web”. What drove your inspiration and the creative process?

This album was driven by the desire to build a new universe of sound, something unique yet familiar, with many facets for the listener to explore. Experimenting with structure and genre, perceiving music from an abstracted lens, combining distant influences – these are all part of the radical process used in developing Military Genius’ identity. “Deep Web” represents the first fully-realized statement, an entry point for the public.

How did you start to play Sax and which artists inspired you the most?

Studying jazz music across the 20th century led me to the saxophone and continues to be a source of passion and joy. In the beginning I played guitar for the high school big band, which offered an understanding of the history & formal structures. Artists such as Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and Sun Ra captured my imagination with their mystery and mastery. One day, a pawn shop saxophone caught my attention and the notes came very naturally. It has been true love ever since.

I think which experimentation and contamination are important for your work. What is your concept of experimentation in music and art?

We live in a strange, post-modern world in which nothing is truly isolated – boundaries between artforms no longer exist, everything is contaminated by human-kind, world culture is in the process of degrading to bland homogeneity.. My approach to experimentation is receptivity on a subconscious level, to capture this time with a sense of humour and an awareness of creative motivations. (Why does this need to exist? What is it saying that hasn’t already been said? How can we interact with our past, present, future in a meaningful way?)

You are from Calgary, then you moved to Montreal and now you are based in Vancouver. I’m very interested to the connection between the places we live over the years, the territorial geography of our roots and the art. How do you feel these theme connected to your music and your way to think music?

We are all a product of circumstance, and each of these places holds a lesson. Calgary encapsulates my youth – a vibrant music community inspired me to begin producing underground music. Montreal gave an understanding of the social dynamics surrounding music communities (often toxic and exclusionary). Vancouver has been a return to productivity through isolation.

What is the best thing of live shows you like more compared to studio recordings?

The live performance offers a glimpse into the physical act of playing music, the sort of ritual or spiritual gathering humans have been participating in for millenia. All the improvisations and unique moments experienced with an audience allow us to find meaning in those brief minutes. From my perspective, the high point of the current performance is in feeling the loudness and allowing yourself as a listener to be transported far away..

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

Cindy Lee – What’s Tonight to Eternity
Tim Hecker – Konoyo / Anoyo
Alex Zhang Hungtai – Divine Weight
EXEK – Some Beautiful Species Left
Pardans – Spit and Image
Dedekind Cut – Tahoe