CLMD & Tungevaag are both from Norway, releasing high energy dance music. Their latest collaboration is appropriately entitled “Dance.” He shares, “This song is simply about dancing… Or, let me rephrase; it’s about loosening up! DANCE is a little notion on the fact that way too many people choose to do what’s expected of you in this life. School, education, steady job, etc. – instead of loosening up and following your dreams (which in this case is dancing). We’ve chosen the dream and are encouraging others to do the same!”

Having received international acclaim from several pop-infused dance music tracks such as Trouble’, ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’ and ‘Dust (feat Astrid S)’, CLMD is making a name for himself and has been recognised for touring and releasing music with the likes of Astrid S, Steve Angello, Calvin Harris and Avicii. Both Watch below.