Italian trio Inude (Flavio Paglialunga, Giacomo Greco, Francesco Bove) recently released their debut album titled Clara Tesla which is out now via Oyez! (check their playlist they created with all artists and tracks which inspired them). It was co-produced with Peppe Petrelli and mastered by Francesco Donadello.

They are touring right now and we’ll have the pleasure to see them live on Friday at MAT Laboratorio Urbano in Terlizzi (Italy). Check the facebook event here and read our talk with them about the debut album, live shows and visual arts.

Let’s Start from your debut album “Clara Tesla”. What drove your inspiration and the creative process?

After leaving our homes in Puglia something happend. We left parents, friends and our loved ones thousands of miles away and lived in a tiny house in the middle of the woods. Everyday started with the right dose of coffee, sat on a chair in front of the woods surrounded by silence. It was the perfect setting for us embark on our creative journeys.

We passed the time writing music, meeting old people of the little town, feeding our beloved chickens and trekking through the mountains. There wasn’t just one thing, there was a world of things..

There is a lot of spirituality in this album: the concept of letting go of things, the strong presence of the nature, the endless cycle of human mistakes. You can feel melancholic vibes and also to find a sort of persuit of freedom. Is this true? What is your concept of freedom in music and in life?

Our first taste of freedom happend days after our arrival, the place where we lived is in the middle of nowhere, also internet was a problem… we were disconnected from the world. Unplugging from our digital life was the first step.

You have a strong connection with visual arts. The artwork is very impressive and also the official video for “Shadow of a Gun”? Can you tell us more about both and what is your relationship with visual arts in connection with your way of creating music?

Everything starts from a visual inspiration, Shadow for example, is the transcription of a mental trip. It was born in our minds before we wrote the song. We use a lot methapors in our song writing and visualisation is a fundamental part of it.

You are from Lecce (Puglia). You recently took part to the project “HER – Il Suono della Puglia” and you composed a stunning piece from the field recordings which were collected for this project. Can you tell us more about this experience?

HER was a challenge, our goal was to try to move the concept of INUDE music outside from an Album concept. They gave us a really huge library of every kind of sound caught around puglia. The concept of madre santa came from a loop recorded in the street where a large number of people are singing “madre santa”, a melodic choir. We gave it a different perspective without distorting the word, just enhancing the ambience. 

You’re touring right now. What kind of live shows we can expect from you?

If you’ve seen the old Inude Live set you will for sure see some changes now. There is a Drummer with us on the stage, we made this decision to make our sound more warm and powerful.  The show is a rollercoaster. Sometimes hard and strong and sometimes peaceful and nostalgic… These changes will become more apparent in the new release.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

There are many! Tame Impala have released some very fresh and colourful tracks in recent days which we loved! The latest album from Tamino entitled ‘Amir’ blew us away! It’s the perfect balance of melancholy and melody. Also, we are hooked on the song “10:51pm” by ‘everything is record.’ It was produced by the great Richard Russel and displays an incredible combination of urban character and rock influences!