JULA is a newcomer Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter and musician. We introduced her with the debut track “Leave”; now he’s back with a new track titled “Take It Back” which is out via Tall Mountain Records. It was co-produced alongside Jan Schröder (known for his work with Causes, DO, Mainstreet and Martin Garrix), while the mix and master was handled by Ian Grimble (Daughter, Sinead O’Connor, Mumford & Sons, and Radiohead) and Frans Hendriks respectively.

She explains: “It’s an angry song; it’s about being very upset about something and then turning inward and running away from the problem, because you think your anger is invalid. But I didn’t learn the exact meaning, until very recently.
I used to feel I wasn’t allowed to be angry about things; people dismissed my feelings and made me feel like I was the wrong one, turning things around. This happened so many times, I lost count. Recently I’ve learned that my anger is valid, that my feelings are mine, that I shouldn’t run away from them and that others do not have the right to tell my how I should feel. So I started telling people how I feel and why, without being scared of what they would say or think about me. Now, I am owning up to my ideas, my emotions, my actions; I am, quite literally, taking my space back. And that is exactly what ‘Take It Back’ is about.

Listen below.