Back in 2019, Italian sound artist Francesco Giannico released a new full-length via Time Released Sound. Check our talk with him here. Now he’s back with the announcement of a new album. Destroyed By Madness is out on February 22nd via Unknown Tone Records. “Hyesterical Naked” is the new excerpt.

According to the press release, the album is an homage to “The Howl” by Alan Ginsberg as you can read from the title of the album and titles of the tracks too; they are basically short excerpts from his famous work. The album was created using samples captured from various real life situations and encounters, above all from a social point of view and for this reason it intends to pay homage to all women, men and children underrepresented and outcast in this materialistic era which Ginsberg wrote so passionately about in “Howl” (1954-1955).

One should not seek to find a direct correlation between A.Ginsberg and this musical work. What the artists (Francesco Giannico) instead suggests here, is a cerebral notion that finds its roots in the selection process of audio samples and in the overall mood of production in the entire work.

Watch the official video below.

Check the artwork below.