Brooklyn-based bandleader, composer, dhol player, and drummer Sunny Jain announced the release of a new album. Wild Wild East is out via Smithsonian Folkways, on Feb 21st. According to the press release, Behind its idealism, the American myth of westward expansion has always been an irony-caked parable about what happens when you try to escape the known for the pursuit of new beginnings.

The traits we think we’ve spotted in the cowboy — bravery, boldness, a willingness to sacrifice the known for the sake of the better — have always been suspect. But the courage to leave behind a homeland and head west, to boldly step into a new place and declare it home, to survey the scene and try to find your place in it? That’s still around. “The idea of the American cowboy is this romanticised idea that’s just false,” Sunny Jain says plainly. “The immigrant is the current-day cowboy or cowgirl.”

We already shared “Immigrant Warrior” and the title-track; “Red, Brown, Black” is a new excerpt. Listen below.