Christopher Sky is an American, Los Angeles based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He announced the release of a new album. What It Is, It Isn’t is out on March 13th via Aagoo Records. According to the press release, It was written in tandem with his 2018 LP Vastness (a co-release with Aagoo Records and Hidden Shoal), with the former always planned to be a follow up to the latter.

The second album was always planned to be a counterpoint to the first, with rhythms and live synths giving the listener a different look from the minimal and introspective soundscape leanings of the first. Christopher realized that a lot had changed since he started working on what became the second album, including some radical shifts in his personal life — a relationship with his significant other, a passing in his family, and a new direction in life.

CZ97” is the first excerpt. Listen below.